Eli Lilly Match

Eli Lilly Match Campaign

We are more than half way to our goal having raised $89,564 so far! Help us get to our goal of $100,000 by the end of the month. The campaign continues on through May 31st.

With a generous matching gift from Eli Lilly, your donation will be doubled, significantly increasing the impact on the lives of our youth.

The funds raised through the Eli Lilly Match Campaign will directly support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie’s mission in four main areas.

The areas include Madison Street Improvement, which will enhance the facility for a safe and welcoming space for Muncie area students, and programming at The Gathering Site, which serves Delaware Community School students.

The third focus is on the Summer Camp Experience that is available to youth throughout East Central Indiana.

The fourth area is overall Youth Programming throughout the year including tutoring, mentoring, and support for families.

To learn more about BGC Muncie's Eli Lilly Match Campaign contact Robby Tompkins, Director of Resource Development, at rtompkins@bgcmuncie.org or Patrick Donahue, Annual Giving Officer, at pdonahue@bgcmuncie.org.